So You Want My Data…

Digital media has many pluses but it has given a rise in concern about data collection and surveillance. Our information is being collected, analyzed and sold to third parties. There is also the factor that the data collection business is a multi-billion dollarCompanies also have our information when we allow them access to our Facebook pages.

It is not unusual to go on a site and realize that you need to make a username to view information. Fortunately, there is a sign in with Facebook option that saves you from going through the hassle of making a new account.Hill points out that when you grant a company access to your Facebook, the company can view your habits to tailor products.

Although, we like personalized marketing, there is an apprehension in giving out our information. Surveys found that 91 percent disagree with the statement “if companies give me a discount it is fair to collect my information.”It can give us the sense of big brother watching our moves. Living in a country such as the USA, we are not comfortable with feeling as though we are being monitored. Check out the infographic below which illustrates how much data collection is detested.

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