Digital Media Marketing Here to Stay

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The areas of marketing and communications have exploded with the use of digital media marketing. We can define digital media marketing as the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media which can be measured. These consist of email, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), online display ads, mobile apps, SMS, blogs podcasts and your website. All of these tools allow businesses to easily measure marketing strategies.

Although, traditional marketing can be effective, digital media marketing can provide real time results for measurement. This means a business can easily adjust their campaign based on how well it is doing from the click of a button.

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Digital marketing can be targeted to people in your community and globally simultaneously at less of a cost. Marketing trends continue to illustrate that consumers prefer tailored messages when they are  advertised to. A tailored message strikes a level of personalization that traditional media is unable to emulate.

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Furthermore, the advent of digital media marketing levels the playing field between large corporations and small businesses. Creative content could make a small business go viral.  There have been so many stories of individuals or small businesses making a video whether funny, inspiring or thought provoking and receiving millions of views. This is also true for Twitter and Facebook. From your tweets, Youtube subscribers, email opens and Facebook likes there is the opportunity to learn about your audience to gain a new customer.

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9 thoughts on “Digital Media Marketing Here to Stay”

  1. Digital media is so powerful. I like how this article touches on the ability of media content to go viral. This especially true in pop culture. A starving artist can get “fed” almost overnight. The possibilities are endless with digital media marketing; and so cost efficient. Great article!


  2. Great article Kim. Digital Marketing is definitely the most powerful tool used today to promote and advertise business products and services.


  3. Very Interesting article. As I think about it, what will it be that will soon make digital marketing obsolete? For now it is a great way to market and measure the success of failure of a campaign. Great information Kimberly


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