So You Want My Data…

Digital media has many pluses but it has given a rise in concern about data collection and surveillance. Our information is being collected, analyzed and sold to third parties. There is also the factor that the data collection business is a multi-billion dollarCompanies also have our information when we allow them access to our Facebook pages.

It is not unusual to go on a site and realize that you need to make a username to view information. Fortunately, there is a sign in with Facebook option that saves you from going through the hassle of making a new account.Hill points out that when you grant a company access to your Facebook, the company can view your habits to tailor products.

Although, we like personalized marketing, there is an apprehension in giving out our information. Surveys found that 91 percent disagree with the statement “if companies give me a discount it is fair to collect my information.”It can give us the sense of big brother watching our moves. Living in a country such as the USA, we are not comfortable with feeling as though we are being monitored. Check out the infographic below which illustrates how much data collection is detested.

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Digital Media Marketing Here to Stay

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The areas of marketing and communications have exploded with the use of digital media marketing. We can define digital media marketing as the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media which can be measured. These consist of email, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), online display ads, mobile apps, SMS, blogs podcasts and your website. All of these tools allow businesses to easily measure marketing strategies.

Although, traditional marketing can be effective, digital media marketing can provide real time results for measurement. This means a business can easily adjust their campaign based on how well it is doing from the click of a button.

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Digital marketing can be targeted to people in your community and globally simultaneously at less of a cost. Marketing trends continue to illustrate that consumers prefer tailored messages when they are  advertised to. A tailored message strikes a level of personalization that traditional media is unable to emulate.

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Furthermore, the advent of digital media marketing levels the playing field between large corporations and small businesses. Creative content could make a small business go viral.  There have been so many stories of individuals or small businesses making a video whether funny, inspiring or thought provoking and receiving millions of views. This is also true for Twitter and Facebook. From your tweets, Youtube subscribers, email opens and Facebook likes there is the opportunity to learn about your audience to gain a new customer.

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Marketers Embrace Storytelling

Telling stories has been a part of the human fabric since the beginning of time. The ability to enthrall listeners and readers is a coveted skill. We have become familiar with the saying content is king. Storytelling is an asset for marketers because it allows them to bring personality to their brands. Furthermore, stories foster conversations between brands and consumers through packaging, websites, e-newsletters, blogs, brochures, magazines, and social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.  The infographic below illustrates how storytelling is a great way to connect with consumers.

The Science of Storytelling

There are key steps marketers should think about when developing a story.

  • Who is the target audience
  • What message you want to conveyed
  • Which channels are best for the message (print, social media, email, television)

People love a good story and if a brand can incorporate this into advertising, it can be a huge plus. At the very least a story brings awareness of your company to an audience. You can give even boost the story by encouraging user-generated content  and share different perspectives of your overarching story. When companies use interactive content, it increases engagement from customers.

Non-profits can benefit from using stories. It can motivate people to act on a call to action (CTA). If the story is creative, thought provoking or humorous, it may be shared with people outside of the target audience. Lastly, a good story can put a face to dull facts and figures.

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