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Mobile the Medium of Now

Mobile Marketing is not just for the big retailers. It is a strategic tool for small businesses, non-profits and health clinics. Doctors and dental offices use mobile marketing to send out appointment reminders, specials and updates. I am a frequent customer at a large cosmetic dermatology firm in Houston and love that I get text reminders about my appointments and upcoming deals.

According to smartinsights mobile media time is now greater than desktop and other media. Consumers are extremely connected to their phones. The days of thinking of the phone as just a means to make calls is long gone.

time spent on mobile vs desktop devices 2015

Adding mobile marketing strategies in a MARCOM plan is unsurprising because of the way we use our smart phones and other devices.Marketers have the opportunity to reach their target audience with a high chance of open rates.  A study by Oracle found that the open rate of SMS is 98 percent compared with 22 percent for emails. Mobile marketing will continue to be an expanding frontier for marketers to take advantage of with such a high usage rate among customers.


2 thoughts on “Mobile the Medium of Now”

  1. Hi Kimberly!
    Since SMS has such a remarkable open rate of 98%, this is a good emerging media platform to think about adding to our IMC plan. As a consumer that has grown weary from the telemarketer avalanche, then email spammers, I’ve been reluctant to give my cell phone number to anyone other than family and close friends. Like you though, healthcare providers might be the first exception to my general exclusion, just because I would have more confidence in them using the connection for service reasons rather than marketing. I found your chart data interesting in that over the 5-year period survived, the entire screen usage of about 3 hours per day, was due to new mobile use rather than trade-offs from other devices. I wonder what off-line activities (work, school-homework, etc.) have declined to provide that time? Nice post!


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