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Sloppy Websites Impact Your Bottom Line

Website design is an artistic while strategic tool for businesses. A quick look at a company’s organization website could mean a make or break on a customer’s purchase. The website has to look professional, have easy navigation and intelligent design. A nonprofit organization, that I briefly worked for had a great mission and message but this was obscured by a pretty lackluster website. The page colors did not jive with the rest of the content. In comparison to our competitors, our website was pretty amateur.

We began working with local web design consultants to develop a stronger site that reflected our mission. We announced new updates to our site on our Facebook and Twitter. This was well received by Facebook fans and volunteers of our organization, who positively commented on the changes. It also improved our SEO rankings and led to more calls from potential customers inquiring about our services. There is so much data that proves that website design is crucial to your bottom line. See the infographic below.



5 thoughts on “Sloppy Websites Impact Your Bottom Line”

  1. This is such a great post, Kimberly! Sloppy websites can, indeed, be bad for business. What’s the first thing I do when I land on a site that’s too busy, hard to read, difficult to navigate, or unresponsive to my mobile device? Leave. I hit the back button faster than the speed of light. Conversely, if I land on a site that’s fully responsive, has a clean structure, and is easy to click through, then I’m far more inclined to stay engaged. In today’s day and age, mobile browsing and shopping is starting to exceed desktop searches and purchases. There’s no question: Responsive design is not just a trend; it’s a necessity. Thanks for the awesome read!

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  2. Kimberly!

    Let me first start by commenting on how awesome your blog design is. The underwater nautical theme rocks!

    I love this post. You are completely right when saying it is an artistic tool for the business. Companies who do not have a website or who have a poorly designed website really will struggle, especially in the near future. As Jenny pointed out in her post when she gets to a site that is seen as difficult to navigate or just plain awful she leaves. I am no different. I get out of there faster than the speed of light and go seek another vendor who will provide me with the same service or product with more ease of mind and usability.

    The infographic you have included is awesome! All of those features really DO play a HUGE impact over a site’s success in today’s market, especially with the mobile first emphasis. Being able to hop onto your phone, search what you want and have it right on hand will lead to better sales and trust with your consumers through strong web design.

    Great post Kim! This is awesome.

    – Kels

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